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Wood is a natural, raw, vibrant and exciting natural material. His tradition as a material of architecture is ancient, his aesthetics is eternal, his possibilities due to modern technology are endless. Living in a wooden house gives you an unmatched sensation and offers many concrete benefits: freedom of design, speed of execution, time, welfare, security, energy saving, integration into the landscape, respect for the environment. For all these qualities, we can say that wood is a very present material in today's architecture and especially in the future.


Wood is a low thermal conductivity material, so it requires less energy to heat or cool the environment. Bener Living Walls and Roofs are designed for high performance thermal insulation, with a great savings in energy consumption. Cooling systems working on the Living Bener wooden house are also consistent with high efficiency and use of renewable energy. Using less energy means spending less, but also contributing to the reduction of air pollution and the use of the natural environment: All this living better, in all seasons.


Building a wooden house means achieving a healthy and comfortable environment. Wood, along with other similar eco materials used by Bener Living, favors the thermal and acoustic comfort of home spaces, avoids the formation of mold and moisture, and reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by the body. Wooden houses are very safe against anti-theft and anti-fire, and are also much safer in case of earthquakes, thanks to the softness and elasticity of the structure they have.


The wood used to build Bener Living houses comes from cultivated and controlled growth that will contribute to world forest wealth growth, rather than reducing it. This translates into an additional environmental advantage because forests absorb CO2, while producing other concrete building materials increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and consumes non-renewable energy sources. Wood is an ecological building material, also because it requires much less energy for its production. Moreover, building a wooden house can be easily dismantled and reused in construction or other areas, further reducing environmental impact.

a secure technology

Bener Living” structures are based on load-bearing walls with interior glulam frame construction system, also able to perform up to nine-storey buildings This construcion sytsem consistis of a frame sealed on both sides with a structural wood-fiber board, with interposed insulator. This system gives excellent performance in seismic behavior. As well know, wooden structures join light weight and strenght of structural elements, and all this with great energy efficiency together architectural design. Bener Living products are based on a careful selection of raw materials, a clever design, careful assembly on site. All components are preassembled in the factory using CAM process.This system allows you to build large parts ready for assembly.In fact, the walls bearing all the preparations for the plants and have already finished both inside and outside. Assembly is quick and requires no use of mortar and so you can define it completely dry. All of this means very short time on site.

Interstory floor panel

1 gypsum panel
2 wooden slats
3 spruce wood frame
4 mineral wool insulation
5 wooden panel
6 mineralized wood/wool panel
7 dry natural perlite insulation
8 wooden slats
9 wooden panel
10 cement mortar for underfloor heating
11 exterior finish

load bearing wall

1 gypsum panel
2 wooden panel
3 anti condensation sheet
4 thermal/acoustic mineral wool insulation
5 spruce wood frame
6 wooden panel
7 outer coat of high-density wood fiber
8 external trimming plaster

Standard roof slab

1 spruce wood frame
2 fir planks
3 anti condensation sheet
4 thermal/acoustic mineral wool insulation
5 drainage membrane 6 listelli in legno / wooden slats
7 external trimming