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The production of high quality products is achieved only by starting from the first quality materials: for this BENER in the production of glulam beams uses only the fir tree imported from central and northern Europe which is distinguished for a regular structure with high mechanical characteristics.The wood, obtained from trees with appropriate dimensions and with healthy nodes, are artificially dried in order to eliminate and protect against parasitic penetration. After a careful selection, the lamellas stick to the bottom in an air-conditioned environment and the glulam beams made from this process can take different shapes and dimensions with many times higher possibilities than other materials. In fact, the characteristics of glued laminated timber make it possible to use it very interestingly.

From a constructive point of view, the ability to reach smoothly up to 40 meters clearance, something impossible to achieve with other materials, is associated with low weight, elasticity, high dimensional stability depending on temperature change as a result: high durability to fire. This is due to the fact that accurately dimensioned glulam structures are consumed less at high temperatures, making it possible, unlike other materials, to intervene easily within the structure without any risk of immediate collapse. In conclusion we can say that glued laminated can be considered an ecological material since all the materials used in its formation are without toxic content.